Board Member Highlight

by Marco Vittozzi

Francine Morgenstern has been a long-time supporter of the Josephine Foundation. She initially got involved when she was working for another theater group and Andrew J. Koslosky asked her to help costume a production for The Josephine Foundation. She was initially impressed at the small group of dedicated, hard working people of The Josephine Foundation, and that they were all involved in the arts in some way. As she became involved in the Broadway Blockbusters productions that were performed over the summer, she was pleased to find these professional productions so challenging and equally as successful.

Since first joining The Josephine Foundation, she marvels at how much it has grown over the years and how it continues to attract hardworking people that are dedicated to the arts. As JOFO has matured, Francine cherishes meeting great people, developing friendships of a lifetime, and working with young actors and seeing them grow. One of the most challenging parts of volunteering, however, is finding the time to contribute. Francine wishes more people knew how much and in how many ways JOFO gives back to communities, other organizations, and the actors, dancers, and athletes it works with.

Francine has truly been a consistent hardworking member of The Josephine Foundation. Between costuming, volunteering, and preparing for the JOFO Gala every year, she certainly is an integral part of this organization.

When not working with The Josephine Foundation and volunteering, Francine enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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