From the Chairman’s Desk

From The Chairman’s Desk

I sincerely hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wishing you all a Happy Healthy 2019. In this fast paced world we are living in today, we sometimes forget all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for. I hope we all took time to step back to look at the overall picture, and be thankful for the family, friends, gifts, talents, and opportunities we have been blessed with. I am certainly thankful for all the wonderful people I have met while working within our mission at The Josephine Foundation. Please do always keep in mind our extended families and all who are dealing with various struggles and also those who are dealing with illness, bereavement and other issues.  Remember to reach out to all of our brothers and sisters, keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.  Please remember we are all one family.

We, as an organization, have been blessed and have much to be thankful for. Our programs and mission work has been very successful since our official beginnings in 2002. You should all be very proud of this. The difference our programs make in today’s difficult and divided world, is very important. When I look at these last few months and the 2018 year, a very serious message is there for all of us to take time to think about and reflect on.

We are surrounded by poor leadership in both government and sadly even in areas that we have traditionally used to draw strength from…our religious. We are sadly divided as a country, not on the issues, but ideology, as if one way of thinking will solve all the issues of the world. There is little respect for different opinions and even less desire to work together. The family structure, roles, values and traditions have little value in this world that has no structure or reasoning. For those few who still maintain the strong values and beliefs, who are leaders, and who dedicate their time to causes that are in need…I am starting to see a feeling of frustration and overall exhaustion, as the leaders we deal with at every level of our lives continue to make faulty choices and act in ways unbecoming of their title or responsibilities. Because of this, it is essential that we remember how important it is to be passionate about our beliefs, and why we are so. We will always meet leaders who will disappoint us in life. Politicians will always find ways to disappoint us, but never will they be our excuse for not respecting what our country stands for. The same goes for our religious. Scandal by a human is not an excuse to abandon the teachings and beliefs of our creators. Moments when we feel unappreciated for all our hard work, or feel like we are taken for granted…must be resolved with a picture frozen in our minds of that one person who our work with, might have helped. Never allow those who are doing things for the wrong reasons to influence your decision to lead and dedicate to those causes you believe in.

We are, always have been, and always will be, the strength of our country, of our world and of our religious communities…and we must never forget it.

My wish for you all this  New Year, is Peace in life, Strength to maintain and believe in your core convictions, and the blessings of Laughter and Love in your life.


Andrew J Koslosky

Chairman of the Board

The Josephine Foundation

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