The 2018 Josephine Foundation
Schools of St. Mary Performing Arts Awards
(Presentations made at the School’s Award ceremonies)

The Josephine Foundation St. Mary’s High School Chairman’s Performing Arts Award
This award is given to Students in recognition of overall excellence in the disciplines of theater, chorus and dance arts, showing leadership amongst their peers, while conducting themselves as true professionals not just on the stage of performance, but on the stage of life.
John Amico and Ariana Barlas


Senior Performing Arts Award
Maria Cutaia, Nicholas Vazquez

Junior Theater Award
Colette Alfonso, John Amico, Brendan Banayan, Melanie Henderson, Oscar Tang

Sophomore Theater Award
Ariana Barlas, Madison Pompy,
Charles Strecker, Branch Worsham

Freshmen Theater Award
Rainer DeLalio, Alisha Gregory, Spencer O’Reilly

Junior Chorus Award
Collete Alfonso, John Amico, Brendan Banayan, Jacqueline Doody, Melanie Henderson, Jay Hwang

Sophomore Chorus Award
Ariana Barlas, Madison Pompy, Charlie Strecker, Branch Worsham

Freshmen Chorus Award
Alisha Gregory, Spencer O’Reilly, Christel Oscar

Junior Dance Award
John Amico, Micah Hamilton, Melanie Henderson

Sophomore Dance Award
Ariana Barlas, Barbara DiSclafani,
Adriana Macias Alivia

Freshman Dance Award
Sabrina DeCrescito, Savannah Moore

The Josephine Foundation Chairman’s Performing Arts Scholarship Awards
The Chairman’s Performing Arts Award Scholarship of $1000.00, which is awarded to the following students who show exceptional work in the combined disciplines of Orchestra, Chorus, Theater, Dance and or Set Design, and will be credited toward the student’s tuition, when registered in the Performing Arts Curriculum for the school year of September 2018 to June 2019. The Performing Arts Curriculum in definition meaning a student must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses offered by the curriculum.

Ariana Barlas and Melanie Henderson